Great Lakes Institute for Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health
Research, Training, and Clinical Services in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Healthcare

Listed below are examples of some of our current research projects.

A Modified Version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

This project is the development of a standardized version of Dr. Pederson’s modification of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test that extends the useful range of measurement to include lower levels of executive functioning. This will help clinical neuropsychologists better evaluate the executive functioning of a greater range of people.

Determinants of Typicality

This project involves the development of mathematical models of how humans use categories. Among the ongoing research studies in this area is a study of how these mathematical models describe the process of psychodiagnosis.

Response Set in Normal Personality Tests

This project examines how people tend to present themselves in either a positive or a negative light, even on psychological tests that describe normal personality and have no preferred answers,

Predictors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This research program has already established the normal personality factors that lead to increased vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorders in both combat veterans and in victims of violent crime. Further studies are exploring other types of traumatic events.